About Us

The Company

We are a small company, started by a mom, whose goal was to create safe and natural products for kids. We promise never to stray from our core values and always provide a product that both mom and kids love.

Leslie Burket, CEO and creator, mother of two, Leslie created LILAPOPS on a family
road trip. Wanting to give her kids something safe and natural to soothe their cough and keep them happy, she dreamed of an all-natural lollipop with ingredients that would naturally help a cough. Something that tasted great, and made her kids feel better. And what kid doesn’t love a lollipop?! With her husband, they created LILAPOPS to give to their own kids. Now they bring them to share with your kids. Leslie & her husband Tom, live in Florida with their children Trent 3, & Lila, 1. They have one dog, five chickens, and a lot of joy. 

Tom Burket, CFO, father of two.Tom is a licensed general contractor and small business owner. He brings years of operational and financial experience to LILAPOPS. Tom is enthusiastic about the growth and future of LILAPOPS.

Will Oliver, COO, Will is a Chemist and serial entrepreneur who currently runs a family business focused on the natural product industry. Will brings the scientific knowledge and operational experience to help manage the LILAPOPS business systems, manufacturing, and distribution. He is excited about the opportunity to work with old friends Tom & Leslie on this project for many reasons, but most importantly because he believes in the product.